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A trial version PC games program for Windows

Catalog Team

"A very fun, first person, adventure game. "

I've been playing Everquest since April of 2001. It's a marvelous game. First person, role playing and you can solo or group. You can join guilds and make friends. You can join in other's groups and groups can join together to form raiding parties, because some of the quests require raiding parties to complete. The rewards are mighty though for those who do them. Conversely, you can solo a lot of quests and some quest range from the absurdly easy like giving Rahitz an arrow in the tutorial to your epic quests for weapons that only your class of adventurer can own. Epic really does mean epic too. They take weeks, sometimes months to do. The tutorial, on the other hand gives you about a dozen quests and you get your first decent weapons and armor. If you do them all, you graduate to the "real world" of Norrath about level 10 or 11 and can start doing fun quests from Castlen Drewe and Vyn Ren'lo in the Plane of Knowledge. Sacnor (I forgot her last name) an Erudite Scholar can give you another dozen or so "tutorial" type quests that teach you how to send parcels, join guilds, use the Bazaar, how to find your way, etc. You get a nice backpack from one of them and if there's anything you really need it's nice backpacks... LOL How can you loot the corpses of the monsters if you don't have any backpacks? Yep, loot and sell to non player merchants or if you have a paying account you can set your character up as a trader in the Bazaar and compete with other trader's to sell your goods. Tradeskills... You make and use or sell all kinds of goods from food to alcoholic beverages to armor and weapons. Enchanters can make magic stuff. There's at least a dozen races and at least that many different classes. Gnomes at the small end, Ogres at the big end. Warriors, rogues, shadow knights, palidans, berserkers, shamans, wizards, magicians, enchanters, necromancers, druids, rangers and others. Way fun and so many varieties. And quests, oh my there are quests. Quests everywhere. Crescent Reach, the home of the Draken (dragon touched humans) probably has 150 or 250 quests just in that one city.

Important points, it's not a player vs player game and it's not a shooter. Your game play depends on how you equip your character and what you do with it. Tactics are very important.

So I recommend this game over any of the other games. It's kept me going for 13 years so far and others since it's very beginning. BTW, my trader is in the Bazaar right now, in offline mode, so I can have stuff for sale even when my computer is off.

Love this game as much as anything I own. I've given up TV, this is more fun.

  • Variety of play
  • First person
  • Non Shooter
  • Grouping
  • Soloing
  • Trading in Bazaar
  • Huh? This part is hard, thinking of something to make it better.

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16 Nov 2014

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